Rent of Energy Generators

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Renting Energy Generators by shops, hospitals, industries, and businesses has been a good idea, since it is possible to generate electricity wherever you are, even in emergency situations or when there is insufficient energy.

Rent of Energy Generators



Rental of Energy Generators is recommended for several companies, especially those where the use of electricity is intense, and even at times where the use is more intense.

We have several appliances each according to one need.

With us, you can find power generators for rent with capacities ranging from 5 to 750 kVAs, supplying the most diverse needs. We also have rental of generators powered by diesel or gasoline.
What’s more, we also have the rental service a series of accessories such as power cables, tanks for fuel storage.
Next, check out our entire portfolio of rental energy generators and choose the one that best suits you.

How Energy Generator Rental Works



The Rental of Energy Generators provides your company or home the energy at any time, we have the right equipment to meet you in your city.

We have Silent Generators, Diesel Engine and Three Phase: 30 to 2500 kVA

Regardless of your need for kVA or kW, please contact us, we have what you need in terms of power.

We offer a wide range of power generators for rental, machines ranging from 30 kVA, through 50, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500, up to 2500 kVA (see all powers).

Automatic and Manual Power Generators

We have available for rent, power generators with high technology motors, which guarantee the maximum energy with the highest efficiency in the use of the fuel. What makes the rental of our electricity generators a great investment for your business, since the consumption of diesel oil in operations with generators is the biggest cost.

With us still, you can hire according to your demand, thus avoiding surcharge at peak times.

In doubt about which power generator location to choose? Take all your doubts with one of our attendants, do not waste time come right away!

We count with the best employees to attend you and take all your doubts. Our service is differentiated and cordial, we meet your expectations in an individualized way, focusing on the solution of your problem.

We maintain the maintenance of our generators, which makes it possible for our machines to always be able to supply the temporary energy. In addition, we periodically carry out maintenance inspections of the machines, and filters are exchanged.

We guarantee the reduction of the noise to the permitted national and international decibel levels, everything is possible thanks to the acoustic canopy of our equipment.

We have panel equipment available that allows the tenant to check data such as mains current and voltage, as well as machine-specific data such as temperature, rotations, pressure, and so on.

We provide, in addition to the Generator Rental, the leasing of various equipment such as reversing switches, containment basins, chargers, batteries, among other items.

You want to have maximum energy for your venture with the least cost.
We have Low Fuel Generator Rental that serve the entire city as well as other regions, Check it out!


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